Fantasy Grounds - Port Forwarding and a "transparent" OpenVPN setup

fg/ovpn blurb by ZeFerby

This document will describe a solution for GMs (Game Masters) to publish their FG virtual table to remote players through an ad-hoc "GM-only" VPN, hosted on a small AWS (Amazon Web Services) Linux server.

But first...

Do you really need a VPN for Fantasy Grounds ?

Most GMs do not need to use a VPN to successfully share their virtual table for players

Players generally do not need to use a VPN

There are however situations where a VPN may be needed on the GM's side :

  1. temporary connection from a "public" internet facility (hotel room, etc)

  2. country/ISP setup makes a unique public IPv4 address unavailable

  3. proper port forwarding not possible for one (or more) router(s)

  4. upstream "closed" firewall

Also : if you are a player and your GM is using a "closed VPN" offer like Hamachi, you will have to be a member of the same VPN as the GM to join his game.

This document presents a "transparent" VPN solution, where :

  • only the GM uses the VPN

  • the VPN is used to forward FG traffic only (TCP 1802)

  • the players do not have to install/use any kind of VPN or custom IP routing software

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